Here is the latest Dr. Yum Preschool Food Adventure from one of our newest participating schools. Grace Lutheran is a lovely preschool in Winchester VA. We met the director of this center last year at an Early Childhood Education Conference last year and she decided after learning about the Dr. Yum Preschool Adventure that she wanted her students to participate. Last fall Wendy and Sarah had a chance to visit their center and train the teachers, and they have been having fun with it every since. Here is what they had to say about their experience thus far:
We are loving the Dr. Yum curriculum here at Grace Lutheran Preschool!  It has taught the students to “practice” food and that sometimes it takes more then one try to “learn” a food or flavor.  I will also say that our teachers are learning that attitude is everything.  If they present the food in an excited and thoughtful way then the students are more willing to try in the safe environment of the classroom.  Those students that we saw being very hesitant back in September and would only handle the food items but not taste the food items are now venturing out and giving more things a try.  The consistency of making this a monthly Dr. Yum day generates excitement as well from the kiddos! 
Thanks for coming up with a great curriculum!  We look forward to continuing in the future!

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