Meet the Tiny Tasters

My Team of “Tiny Taste Tester” is a special group of friends who along with their parents have agreed to try my foods and give me HONEST feedback.  They use a “Yum Scale” (basically a 1-5 system) to determine how much they like or dislike the food.  This scale is similar to the Wong-Baker FACES Pain Rating Scale used in medicine to determine pain severity in children.

Using the faces, the Yum Scale can be used for even Taste Testers too young to read. Click HERE to print out the “Yum Scale” to use at home.  If a food has an average scale that is less than “OK” then I rework the recipe until the score improves.  Although changing a recipe to suit your tasters need is a good idea don’t be afraid to serve a “Yuck” recipe several times.  You might be surprised at how tastes evolve. Remember, parents that in order for your cooking to get “Yums” you need to get a bunch of “Yucks” along the way!

Zane eating noodles

Zane, age 8.
Favorite foods are pasta, pizza, ice cream.
Least favorite foods are collard greens, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes.
Food Challenges: snacking before dinner, eating new veggies.

Asa getting love from Lucky

Asa, age 4.
Favorite foods are pizza, scones.
Least favorite foods are anything that feels slimy.
Food Challenges: drinking too much chocolate milk and not eating enough dinner.

Owen and Ava eating Pumpkin Muffins

Owen, age 5.
Favorite foods are cheese sandwiches, pizza, mac and cheese, strawberries, clementines.
Least favorite foods are vegetables.
Food Challenges: eating enough vegetables.
Ava, age 4.
Favorite foods are mac and cheese, buttered noodles, chicken patties, fruit.
Least favorite foods are veggies (except tomatoes).
Food Challenges: eating enough veggies.

Alexander and Pearl

Alexander, age 8.
Favorite food is pizza.
Least favorite foods are broccoli and spinach.
Food Challenges: His mom reports that he is VERY picky. He also has allergies to peanuts and tree nuts.
Pearl, age 10.
Favorite food is Chinese chicken.
Least favorite foods are broccoli and spinach.
Food Challenges: drinking enough milk.

Mark and Scott

Mark, age 12.
Favorite food is seafood.
Least favorite foods are broccoli and spinach.
Food Challenges: doesn’t like anything with sauce.
Scott, age 6.
Favorite food is spaghetti.
Least favorite food is broccoli .
Food Challenges: on his own he is willing to try new foods but he is often negatively influenced by his picky older brother!


Maria, age 10.
Favorite foods are chocolate and all types of fruit.
Least favorite foods are leafy veggies, squash, eggplant, cauliflower.
Food Challenges: a bit hesitant when it comes to veggies.


Anna, age 9.
Favorite foods are many veggies, loves salads.
Least favorite foods are. mayo, butter, cooked spinach, squash.
Food Challenges: eggplant.


Joseph, age 4.
Favorite foods are waffles with nutella, pumpkin bread, mac and cheese, pasta, hamburgers, fish sticks and of course Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets.
Food Challenges: very picky and sensitive to textures, does not like mushy foods.

Elizabeth eating a green bean

Elizabeth, age 3.
Favorite foods are chicken nuggets, fish sticks. Loves all fruits.
Least favorite foods are roasted chicken or fish.
Food Challenges: short list of veggies that she likes, basically carrots and celery.


Katherine, age 1.
Favorite foods are most all veggies and fruits.
Least favorite foods are meats.
Food Challenges: she is leaving that “Stage 3″ and her mom worries she won’t get all the vitamins and minerals she needs. She is at an in-between stage where she doesn’t love Stage 3 but can’t do a lot of table food without mushing and mushing. She no longer enjoys mushed food.


Joseph, age 6.
Favorite foods are Mac and cheese, spaghetti, pizza.
Least favorite foods are meat.
Food Challenges: getting him to eat meat.


Allison, age 3.
Favorite foods mac and cheese, waffles and pancakes with lots of syrup.
Least favorite foods: eggplant, veggies.
Food Challenges: picky right now. Needs lots of ketchup to eat certain foods.


Jessica, age 8.
Favorite foods are steak, cucumbers and ranch dressing.
Least favorite foods are fish and brussel sprouts.
Food Challenges: she is picky but getting better with time.


Thomas, age 13.
Favorite foods are swedish fish candy, donuts, and chicken.
Least favorite food is raw tomatoes.
Food challenges are certain veggies (carrots, broccoli) which he is learning to like.

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