The Doctor Yum Project


In response to the growing rates of childhood obesity, pediatrician Nimali Fernando MD, MPH started the website in 2011 to teach her patients and her families about the benefits of healthy eating. What started out as a recipe and parenting site grew to a bigger project of teaching a healthy lifestyle to the greater community. In 2012 The Doctor Yum Project, a 501 (c)3 organization was born.



The mission of The Doctor Yum Project is to change the lives of families and communities by overcoming the barriers to eating well.


Eating well is our prescription for a healthy family, a healthy community and a healthy world. 


We overcome barriers to eating well, first in our teaching kitchen and garden with onsite cooking programs and webinars for kids, families, and individuals served by our nonprofit partners. Second, our team goes off-site with cooking demonstrations and recipe sampling at over 100 outreach events per year. Third, we reach early childhood centers with Dr. Yum’s Preschool Food Adventure, a research-backed curriculum showing teachers and parents how to teach young eaters about healthy food. Lastly, our website offers free recipes, the Meal-O-Matic customized recipe tool and meal planning to make cooking easier for anyone around the world.

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