I’m so thrilled to have Cara Wright as a new guest blogger on Doctor Yum. Cara is a nutritionist, medical student and mom who is raising her daughter as a vegetarian. I met Cara’s mother, a pediatrician, at a professional conference this past summer.  When Cara heard about doctoryum from her mother, she contacted me and offered to share her experiences about her vegetarian eating. Over the next several Mondays Cara will share her unique insights and hopefully answer questions on what it is like to raise a child as a vegetarian.


Hi! I’m Cara, a mom, a medical student, a nutritionist, and a vegetarian. I have also committed to raising my one-year old daughter, Evelyn, as a vegetarian. Why, you may ask… well, over the next few months I hope to show you just that! I also hope to help encourage healthy eating in your family by providing easy, tasty recipes that you can prepare at home and that your children will actually eat.
Vegetarian diets have come a long way in the last 5-10 years. Vegetarians are no longer people who live in the woods and don’t shower. Once considered nutritional blasphemy, the vegetarian way of life is now viewed as a healthy option for people in all stages of life. But what DO vegetarians eat?? Lots of things!! When we think of plants, we envision the boxwood hedge in our front yard, or the dusty fichus plant standing in the corner of our living room, but plants are much more than that! A plant-based diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and soy products. Lacto-ovo vegetarians also consume eggs and dairy products and pesco-vegetarians also enjoy fish. I encourage people to include eggs and dairy in their diets, especially in the diets of their growing children, and that is how I am raising my daughter.
There are books, web pages, magazines, and blogs all dedicated to the vegetarian way of life. I could sit and write a textbook tonight on everything I was taught in a classroom about childhood nutrition. None of the data and statistics is particularly helpful when it’s dinner time in our household. My goal is to give you useful information about what works for me, and may work for you, as we all navigate the bumpyroad of raising healthy children. I can’t wait to share with you everything I know AND everything I’ve learned as a momma!


Stay tuned until next week when Cara talks about one of her daughter’s favorite foods -yogurt! She will also share a few yogurt recipes.

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