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“One year one of our students was a very picky eater and was suffering from constipation. After using the Doctor Yum Preschool Food Adventure, he found healthy snacks that he loved and his mom started making them at home, too. His digestive issues quickly improved and he was even able to stop medication. We learned from Dr. Fernando that constipation can lead to urinary issues, and our teachers noticed that as this student began eating better and his constipation improved he stopped needing a pull-up at naptime. This curriculum really helped him in so many ways!” -Debbie, Daycare Director


“It’s been amazing to finally have a snack program that works in the special needs population. It encompasses all of our philosophies and techniques when working with children who have Feeding difficulties   And at the same time is easily modified to meet the needs of any child. When your students request, ‘more’ of their Kale Smoothie, that is something to be celebrated!” –Jessica Fioretti, feeding specialist and special education teacher

“Proper nutrition has always been a focus of our Head Start program. Dr. Yum offers our student the opportunity to explore and taste fresh produce. It is designed to engage all of the senses while allowing the child to participate at their comfort level. Our students have treasured the opportunity to take part in creating a recipe they can enjoy from start to finish even the cutting! I genuinely believe that if our students are exposed to fresh food early in life at Head Start through this program, it can have a ripple effect that can benefit them and their families well into their future. ” –Laura Dove – Curriculum Manager, Fredericksburg Regional Head Start

“As Cafeteria Manager at Holy Cross Academy I have noticed a difference in the eating habits of our students, in particular the new Kindergartner students who have gone through the Dr. Yum program at our preschool.  Their knowledge of food and willingness at such a young age to try new things has truly been an eye opener for all of us.  Keep up the good work!” – Mary Beall, Cafeteria Manager, Holy Cross Academy

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Check out what some the teachers are saying about their experience using Doctor Yum’s Preschool Food Adventure

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