We are thrilled to see how our friends at Miss Tammy’s Home Daycare enjoyed the February and March lessons.

In February, we loved making Strawberry Salsa for Valentines Day!!!!  The kids and I had a wonderful time exploring all of these yummy ingredients!!  Lots of hands on exploring ,touching, smelling, chopping, mixing, and tasting. This recipe was super yummy and a big hit!! 
In March, we made Pomegranate Jello!!! Absolutely Delicious!!! The kids loved….Pomegranate Jello!!! Absolutely Delicious!!! The kids loved pulling (and squeezing) the pomegranate seeds and most of all eating them! They loved chopping the raspberries and blueberries and mixing all the ingredients together! The jello has a sweet/tart balance and was wonderful.

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