Parents’ Toolkit

If  you and your family are trying to get on a healthy path, then you have come to the right place!  Here you will find a few posts to get started in the kitchen, and get organized.

FIRST before anything I would suggest browsing our

“Prescription for a Healthy Family.”

Be sure to click on the headings to get lots more information on each step of our Prescription.

Then visit these posts to learn about having the right kitchen tools, and ingredients to start making the delicious family-friendly recipes from Doctor Yum!  Also, check out our posts to learn about getting organized and shopping smarter:

 “Getting Started in the Kitchen”

“Save on Groceries While Feeding your Family Healthy Meals”

“What are you paying For at the Grocery Store”

“Getting Organized: Planning Meals”

“Getting Organized: The Grocery List”

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