Dinnertime looks a little different for everyone depending on how many people you’re feeding, the time of year, and what you’re liking at the moment. That holds true for the Dr. Yum Project team too! Here’s a look at what we’re cooking at the moment!

Wendy, Cooking Instructor and Preschool Curriculum Liaison

My life has been pretty busy so I rely on meal planning, batch cooking, and utilizing ingredients across multiple recipes! When I have a decent chunk of time, I do all my chopping and roasting. Last week, I signed up to bring a meal to a five person family with a new baby. I doubled recipes for Chicken Veggie Meatballs, Roasted Vegetables with Quinoa, and Roasted Mixed Potatoes. I delivered half to the family and kept half at home! All of those recipes make a large portion and leftovers can be re-purposed in other meals throughout the week. The potatoes can be used in a breakfast scramble, the roasted veggies can be tossed in a salad or Yum Bowl, the meatballs could be heated up in a marinara sauce and served over pasta – so many possibilities! I like knowing I can open the fridge for a quick meal instead of ordering take-out!

Heidi, Project Manager and Founding Board Member

Time is of the essence with two busy kids to taxi around after work and school.  Dr. Yum’s  Sloppy Joe Sliders have become a healthy dinner staple, especially during the hectic days when I literally have 10 minutes to get dinner on the table.  My trick is to chop the veggies for the sliders in the food processor in the morning. Mixing up the sauce ahead of time can help too.  Once I get home, I can cook the ground turkey on the stove, add the veggies, then the sauce, scoop the yummy mixture onto slider buns and dinner is served.  The best part is it’s a meal everyone loves!

Laura, Food Photographer and Board Member

We are in an “add an egg” phase right now. I struggle to get the family jazzed about leftovers. My kids will attempt to eat a bowl of cereal instead of a re-warmed plate of yesterday’s dinner, but we’ve discovered that a lot of things take on new life if you simply add a fried egg on top! It has worked for most any rice-based dish like fried rice, chicken and rice, even just plain old white or brown rice tastes great with hot oozy egg on top.  We’ve also had success adding fried egg to many types of pasta dishes, beans, cooked greens, and roasted veggies. Hard boiled eggs have turned veggie remnants into dinner salads and even leftover chicken breast got yummy again on a bun with an egg and a slice of cheese!

Sarah, Registered Dietitian

We’re currently loving the Cilantro Lime Lentil Soup at my house! It’s simple to make, I almost always have all of the ingredients on hand, and it’s been helping me use the allspice hiding in the back of my pantry. A big bowl paired with a piece of crusty bread makes a great meal or it can be used as a side. Plus, it tastes even better the next day!

Santhi, Pediatrician and Founding Board Member

Whenever we have leftovers of veggies, meat, fish or whatever else from earlier in the week, we like to chop it up and add it to rice or pasta to make a one-pot dish.  My girls will make a quick salad to round out the meal and create their own dressing using the directions from Dr. Yum’s Salad Lab.

Nimali, aka Dr. Yum

I received an air fryer over the holidays and I’m rediscovering tofu! Now I can take an extra firm block of tofu, cut into cubes, toss the cubes in a small amount of oil and throw them in the air fryer. In about six minutes the tofu is perfectly crisp and ready for any recipe. Last night I used the Meal-O-Matic to make a ‘Curry in a Hurry’ with red curry flavors, tons of veggies, and my perfect air fryer tofu. My family loves this recipe which we have put back on rotation now that the tofu prep is so easy!

What meals are you and your family loving right now? Post a picture on Instagram and tag the @doctoryumproject to let us know! We’d love to see what you’re cooking up!

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