Here is just a quick update on the garden.  I took pictures more than a week ago, and have not posted them until tonight.  I have not yet had a lot coming out of the garden, but we have been finally enjoying some wonderful tomatoes.  Our herbs have been growing well (until this week when things got really crispy and we were not doing so well on watering).  I love having the herbs just outside my door in the containers.

Things that have grown well are tomatoes, herbs and a few strawberries. We had some lettuce growing well for a while, but that has bolted with the heat.  The squash, zucchini and peppers are growing well, but no veggies picked yet.  We got just a few beans (not many).  We have done better than some years but I’m still not convinced we put our garden in the right spot.

Tomatoes in the square foot garden

A funny thing happened last week.  We have a compost drum (where we put our kitchen scraps) on the side of our garage on a little strip of mulch.  The mulch strip wraps around our driveway where there are very thorny, deadly rose vines (which my husband has been threatening to dig up for six years).  I had not been out to the compost drum in several weeks, and when I went out there last week there were these HUGE vines growing underneath it.  At first I thought is was a jungle of weeds, but as I got closer I noticed they were beautiful, healthy TOMATO VINES!   I had not planted them, watered or fertilized them. They simply just grew there.  My husband told me that when he turned the drum several months ago, he spilled some compost and some seeds must have fallen out.  These vines are growing dozens and dozens of tomatoes with no one even noticing.  When we moved the drum the vines were just laying in the driveway, so we got some stakes to support them.

This was amazing to me.  As I spend so much effort trying to get my garden to grow in the backyard,tomatoes were growing our of control without ANY effort.  As I looked around I realized that spot on the side of the house where the roses grow has PERFECT sun!  So now I am finally letting my husband tear out the roses.  We are going to replace them with some raised beds for a vegetable garden instead. Perhaps we can start with some cool weather crops this fall. I would love to have a garden that grows more than a few straggly veggies.

In the meantime, we will keep waiting for a least a couple more vegetables to come out of our garden down by the pond. It’s hard not to get discouraged, but now I have a glimmer of hope for next year!


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