gardenday1.3Coach Mel and I were lucky enough to write another post on PBS parents. This time it was called, “Gardening with Kids: How it Affects Your Child’s Brain Body and Soul.” PBS parents logoAs many of you know I’m a huge fan of gardening with kids. It’s why my entire pediatrics office (including the Doctor Yum Project Kitchen) is surrounded by a garden. There is nothing tastier than a tomato grown in your own backyard and there are so many other reasons to get kids outside planting a garden. Funny, the day this article came out I decided to get my own garden at home cleaned up and planted!

For more on gardening check out our whole series on “Gardening with Kids.” 

Also check out these post, “Dirty Hands, Healthy Kids” on Seed Needs to find some plants that are easy to grow with kids.

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