In mid-August I was greeted by a couple of guys hanging out an SUV as they pulled up to the Doctor Yum Project parking log. “Hey, we are the crew from NBC Nightly News!” You don’t hear that every day!

For six or more hours the crew, producer, and reporter Kristen Dahlgren worked to capture the spirit of a day at the Doctor Yum Project. I saw patients like Michelle Castro, a teen who has worked hard with me to overcome diet-related illness with a healthier diet. We had a preschool class where kids made smoothies and salads with Wendy and Noah, our hardworking cooking instructors. We took the kids in the garden to show them how the sensory experience of gardening can inspire healthy eating. We showed them our Meal Maker Machine, designed to help families reduce food waste by creating customize recipes using ingredients they may otherwise throw away.  It was a long day, but we felt happy that soon they would soon be telling the story of how a little nonprofit was trying to change the landscape and of their community with a healthy diet.

We waited many, many long weeks through terror attacks, hurricanes and other stories that dominated the news cycle. Then finally last Sunday at 4pm I got the call. “The segment on the Doctor Yum Project will air tonight!” We were all taken by surprise and so thankful that our story would finally be told. With three hours notice much of our team gathered to watch the segment air.

We are so grateful to the folks we worked with at NBC for telling our story. We are happy that this story aired right before the annual Yum-a-thon where we hope to raise 10,000 dollars to continue our work and reach more families. There IS a connection between good food and good health, and we strive everyday to show families how to achieve better health with good food. We hope everyone will tune into Facebook live on November 16th and consider donating to the Doctor Yum Project.  See us cooking with our favorite physician partners in the Fredericksburg region all day.


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