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Our new Instructional Kitchen

The Doctor Yum Project Offers a variety of Cooking experiences in our beautiful kitchen in Spotsylvania, VA.








summer1.3Parenting  for Wellness Seminar

This unique class series is taught by Jen Miller, certified Health Coach and Dr. Nimali Fernando, pediatrician and founder of the Doctor Yum. Our new, expanded program consists of 8 core parent-only meetings, and several additional offerings which can be attended as supplements to the core program. This course is designed for parents who want to learn as much as they can about nutrition, shopping, budgeting, meal planning and effective parenting that shapes a happy and healthy food environment at home. The series is supplemented with two family cooking classes during which kids can participate in meal preparation as well. SEE OUR EVENTBRITE PAGE to find our upcoming series.


Adult Cooking Programs

Adults are welcome in the kitchen to learn a variety of cooking subjects. Many of our classes, like our canning class are seasonal, and several give unique pointers and ideas on how to feed a family healthy, nourishing food in a quick and easy way. SEE OUR EVENTBRITE PAGE for all of our adult class offerings for this season.


summer1.6KIDS Cooking Adventures

A kids cooking and tasting class (kids 7-12 years) that focuses on a healthy, plant-based diet. Each class will focus on a different group of fruits and vegetables. Class will start with tasting different types of plant foods and learning about their different health benefits. Students will then prepare one or two dishes while learning basic cooking skills.  The class will be taught by Jen Miller, certified Health Coach and Nimali Fernando, MD, pediatrician and founder of the Doctor Yum Project with the help of other experienced cooks. Students will also be exposed to lessons about local food buying and growing. (Parents are asked to drop off their kids and return for a tasting at the end of class). See our eventbrite page for our offerings of camps, and themed workshops. CLICK HERE


preschoolsliderPreschool Cooking Adventure

This class is based on Doctor Yum Preschool Cooking Adventure Curriculum written by Nimali Fernando, MD and Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP). This is a one hour class let by Jen Miller, Dr. Fernando in which students make a healthy plant-based snack with the help of a parent.  Parents are also introduced to concepts that may help encourage their preschool to be adventurous eaters. For kids age 3-6 See our eventbrite page for our offerings of camps, and themed workshops. CLICK HERE



Location of Camps and Classes

Held in the our brand-new Instructional Kitchen 10482 Georgetown Dr. Suite B in Spotsylvania (Corner of Courthouse Rd. and Leavells Rd. in the Yum Pediatrics Building )

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