Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is more common than you might think. In fact, approximately 30 percent of US children are either overweight or obese. Here are some articles that both define childhood obesity and give tips for keeping your child on the right track.

“Obesity In Children” has information on the risks of childhood obesity, and tools like a BMI calculator to find out if your child is considered obese.


Read my post, “A Pediatricians Pledge” to learn about the reality of childhood obesity.


“A Powerful Look at Childhood Obesity” has a compelling video account of a child with obesity. A must-see!


So many parents want to know how many calories their child needs in a typical day. Find out the answer in “How Many Calories do Children Need?”


Read about an inspiring family who conquered childhood obesity in “Parents Take Charge of their Child’s Health.”

Read about how changing a child’s community can help fight childhood obesity in “Only A Culture of Wellness Can Save Kids from Childhood Obesity”

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