Raising kids to eat healthy can be challenging. To get started read our

“Prescription for a Healthy Family,”

For More information on Raising Kids to be Healthy Eaters, Check out Doctor Yum’s Award Winning Book,

“Raising a Healthy, Happy Eater”

These posts address the challenges of meals and snacks:

“Breakfast Pitfalls and Solutions”

“Pediatrician’s Ten Tips for Packing a Nutritious Lunch”

“Five Tips for Feeding Snacks to Kids”

“USDA’S ‘Choose My Plate’ Works For Kids Too

“Post-Game Snacks for Young Athletes”

“What’s Wrong with Water?”

“Skip the Juice and offer whole fruit instead”

“Six Reasons to Stop Feeding Your Kids ‘Kid Food'”

“The Meal Maker Machine Makes Making Meals Fun”


How to raise children to be healthy eaters in a  junk food world:

“How to Say No (with love) at the Grocery Store”

“Parents Junk Food is Everywhere”

“How to Stop Relatives from Bringing Your Kids Junk Food”

“Teachers, Join the Fight Against Childhood Obesity”

“Every Day is Halloween”

“Farmers Markets Teach Lessons to Kids”

“Doctor Yum’s Plan for a Healthy Holiday Season””

“Doctor Yum’s Class Party Toolbox”


These posts are all about ways to encourage kids to eat healthy food:

“Doctor Yum’s Ban on Picky Eater”

“Gardening With Kids Series”

“Food Passports Help Kids Try Ethnic Foods”

“Tiny Taster Videos”

“Doctor Yum’s No Cavity Club”


These posts address specific nutrition questions regarding kids:

“How Many Calories Do Kids Need”

“Vitamin D in Children”

“Calcium Intake in Children”

“GERD in Children”



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