August 29, 2018

Hello!  I just wanted to share how utilizing tips from the Doctor Yum website has impacted our family’s life.

When we first started feeding our son solid food, I was very mindful about what I was feeding him.  I wanted it to be natural, delicious, and nutritious.  I didn’t want to feed from and can and was excited to start making baby food.  But the same didn’t apply for what I fed myself and my husband – we pretty much ate what we wanted and when we wanted and that rarely involved fruits and veggies. I quickly realized that if I wanted my son to develop healthy habits that he needed parents who demonstrated just that.  That’s when I started cooking the recipes on


My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how easy the recipes were to make and how delicious they turned out.  Doctor Yum proves that eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but rather fun, fulfilling, and actually less expensive.  Soon after, we utilized more tips from the website like planning out meals for the week which made shopping easier, cheaper, and less time-consuming.  Our son is approaching age two and has admittedly become less apt to try new foods or even eat some of the recipes that he loved before.  But, he still eats healthy in comparison to what my husband and I grew up eating and if given the choice, will choose a blueberry or banana over a goldfish or a sweet treat.


We have started getting him involved in helping us cook dinner, which he loves.  I’ve noticed that when I serve something he has helped prepare, he is more apt to eating it than when he didn’t help-another tip from Doctor Yum.  Before I looked at the website, we ate a typical American diet filled with saturated fats, unhealthy calories and we weren’t concerned about the amount of fruits and vegetables we ate in a day.  Breaking life-long habits that have been instilled in me since I was old enough to eat has been extremely hard to break and it is still something that I struggle with and may always struggle with, but Doctor Yum has given me the tools to overcome those struggles and the realization that instilling these habits in our son now means that he won’t have to struggle like we do.  I can’t thank Doctor Yum enough for seeing a need and selflessly filling it.  It is one thing to hear your doctor tell you that you need to eat better and exercise, but for one to take the time, effort, and money to actually show you how makes such a huge difference and I thank God that she is a part of our family’s life.  I tell everyone I know about Doctor Yum and will continue to do so for life!  Thank you Doctor Yum!

Thank you,

Robin Joyce

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