Asa watering the Fall Garden











This summer square foot garden was not the great success that we thought it would be.  We got a bit of lettuce, a few beans, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries and herbs.  Not a great harvest, for the time we put into it.  On the other hand,our container herb garden was pretty successful, and we continue to enjoy fresh herbs.

A funny thing happened towards the end of the summer. On the side of the house we found a gigantic tomato vine which is now growing TONS of bright yellow little tomatoes. We didn’t plant or water it, and it’s a MONSTER! How is it that on one side of the house things are growing without any help while our garden in the backyard struggles?  I guess it’s like real estate-LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!  Our little square foot garden is constantly shaded by neighboring trees, while the side of the house it bathed in glorious sun.  We pulled out several rosebushes a few weeks ago and now we are trying again with a COOL weather garden.  About 10 days ago we threw down a bunch of seeds: carrots, different types of lettuce, broccoli, radishes, and spinach and swiss chard.  Now we have tons of little happy seedlings which the kids are happily watering. In Virginia the weather has gotten a bit cool, but we are still many weeks from our usual frost date, so we are hoping our veggies will thrive.

Swiss chard sprouts












Next weekend we hope to start a similar garden at my son’s school.  For another resource on planting a fall garden, see



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