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Our first Cooking Club gathering

Welcome to Doctor Yum’s Cooking Club!!

The Doctor Yum Project is pleased to invite you on a new adventure, Doctor Yum’s Cooking Club! Check out our post about our pilot group from MOPS at Lake of the Woods.

Our goal is promote the joy of cooking together, whether it be  your own busy family or a group of neighbors, co-workers, playgroups, bunco groups, bookclub, or church groups in the pursuit of cooking toward a healthy life!

Twice a season we will put together a list of Doctor Yum approved recipes. These will be seasonal, nutritious, whole-food recipes that are kid-tested and family friendly. There will be some entrees, lunch ideas and snack ideas to choose from.  Enjoy the collection at your leisure on your own or in a group. Groups can organize together and pick several of these to make together and save others to make individually at home. Focus on learning new recipes, or having food to take home and refrigerate or freeze for later. The goal is to make cooking fun and learn to make some healthy seasonal recipes along the way!

How do you join?

  1. Check out the recipes in our some of our previous collections.
  2. If you want to be first to hear about the release of our newest collections, fill out the contact form below.
  3. “Like” our facebook page  join our cooking community, get cooking ideas, post your own pictures, and let us know how you like the recipes .


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