For people with diabetes, the Carb Conscious tag on the Doctor Yum Project website is a great resource! While all of our recipes have the nutrition information included, the Carb Conscious tag sets aside only the recipes that fit our Carb Conscious guidelines. The goal of the Carb Conscious tag is to make it easier for those who are counting carbs to find recipes that meet their needs.

All of the recipes under this tag have 60 grams or less of total carbs per serving for entrees and 30 grams or less for sides and snacks.

The amount of carbohydrate that a person needs depends on several factors, including their size and activity level. With this in mind, we set the Carb Conscious guidelines at the maximum amount of carbohydrate that is typically recommended per meal or snack for someone with Type 2 Diabetes. This means that everyone can find recipes that meet their carbohydrate needs under the tag.

This also helps to account for combination recipes, like casseroles and stews, which may serve as an entire meal on their own. These combination recipes are naturally higher in carbohydrates than an entrée that is meant to be served with other sides.

With the Carb Conscious tag, it’s also important to remember that just because a recipe is included doesn’t mean it is right for every person with diabetes. You still want to look at the nutrition info for these recipes to see how they fit within your carbohydrate needs. This means looking at the total amount of carbohydrates, but also considering the portion size listed and other foods that you plan to eat at that meal or snack as well.

We hope that the Carb Conscious tag will help people with diabetes find recipes that work for them and make cooking while counting carbs more enjoyable!

-Sarah Moran, RDN
Sarah Moran is a registered dietitian nutritionist at Sarah Moran Nutrition and a member of the Doctor Yum Project Team. Sarah does the recipe development, cooking instruction, and outreach. She does detailed nutrition analysis on all of the Doctor Yum Project recipes, making even more information available to our recipe users.

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