Cara Wright, mom, nutritionist and vegetarian, is also a medical student.  Her life is certainly busy! This week she talks about some of her favorite on-the-go snacks for her one-year old.


Children love to snack. It’s a fact. Every day, I get at least one email about healthy snack options and they all seem to have the same suggestions. Well, I’d be lying if I said that every time Evelyn wants a snack I dice up some organic mango or whip up some ants on a log. The truth is I am incredibly busy and often need to grab a pre-packaged snack to throw into my bag (gasp, I know). I thought it would be helpful to list some of the go-to snacks I have in the cupboard. These are the products that a helicopter momma like myself feels comfortable giving to my vegetarian daughter when we are on the run.


  1. Fresh fruit and veggies (I had to list them…)
  2. Revolution Foods Organic Fruit Mashups (Evelyn can now slurp the fruit puree right out of the package. When she was younger I squeezed a bit into a bowl and fed her. Throw a few in the refrigerator and they are super refreshing on a hot day).
  3. HappyTot Organic Superfoods (These come in a variety of fruit and veggie mixes with added “super grains”).
  4. HappyMunchies Baked Organic Cheese and Veggie Snack (Evelyn loves these wanna-be Cheetos. I have a feeling she eats a few too many of these while with the babysitter. The sodium content is my only concern but they still contain 60% less than other toddler cheese snacks).
  5. Baby Mum-Mums (Evelyn is getting a little old for these but she loved them from about 6-10 months. They come in different flavors and organic options).
  6. Plum Organics Baby Food (Like the Mashups, these are simple fruit purees that Evelyn can slurp out of the package or I can add to yogurt. I sneak her vitamins in them in the morning and keep several pouches of Just Prunes on hand to keep Evelyn regular).
  7. HappyMelts Organic Yogurt Melts (I have a love-hate relationship with these because they are messy and very sweet but they sure do the trick when Evelyn is throwing a tantrum in the car seat. Also, they do contain calcium and pro-biotoics).

These are a few of the products in my arsenal when the days are long and that melon isn’t going to dice itself. I console myself with the fact that these products are organic and where necessary, pesticide free. And most importantly….Evelyn loves them. What are your packaged snack options?? I know you aren’t up all night spreading peanut butter on celery sticks!


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