This week Cara, our vegetarian nutritionist talks about breakfast.


I was really looking forward to writing a post about my perfect daughter and how she ate the plateful of scrambled eggs and toast I made her every morning. Evelyn did eat eggs…at one point…but now she swats them away as if they were poison. Alas, we had several great months of a high protein, high iron breakfast. (By the way, eggs are the perfect protein and contain just about every vitamin and mineral you need. They are a great addition to a vegetarian diet however, I suggest eggs of the organic variety).

Here are the recent breakfast ideas I’ve come up with in the past few days that Evelyn will soon be taste testing.

  1. Soggy cereal- Soaking a whole-grain, fortified cereal in whole milk will provide all the micro-nutrients she needs, as well as fat and protein. At 14 months, she can’t handle the texture of dry cereal.
  2. Cream of Wheat- I LOVED this as a child. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals and we always recommend it for children who are anemic because it contains the daily allowance of iron.
  3. Yogurt- This has been my go-to breakfast in the past. Mixing pureed fruit into whole-milk, plain yogurt is a tasty and nutritious option that Evelyn enjoys.

There are a ton of great breakfast resources out there. I find that not many of them address the early toddler age group though. I’d love to know what other moms are serving their infants/toddlers for breakfast and what moms are serving their big kids, as well! Please share your ideas!


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