The Elms School in New Jersey has been a wonderful testing ground for the Doctor Yum Preschool Food Adventure. These amazing teachers have shown that children with special needs CAN learn to eat healthy foods with the right approach, gentle persistence and a lot of fun. 

Mrs. Henninger and Ms. Shadell have instituted the Doctor Yum curriculum in their respective Preschool Students with Disabilities classrooms’ in Jackson, New Jersey. Both classrooms work together and share many materials and resources which allow our students to participate in a more controlled while group atmosphere while reviving appropriate modifications and adaptations. As a whole our students were not the most willing to touch let alone, put a new fruit or vegetable to their lips. Can you imagine their anxiety and hesitation to chew or ingest those new foods?

Both Mrs. Henninger and Ms. Shadell have worked tirelessly to create a structured, consistent, and safe environment. Their classroom environments in correlation with the Doctor Yum have encouraged all of our students to take the risk and not only put new foods to their mouths but even enjoy new fruits and vegetables!!!

Each month Mrs. Henninger and Ms. Shadell look over the recipe and work cohesively to plan sensory and STEAM based learning activities for the students to participate in. Students have enjoyed squishing, painting, sorting, and building with various fruits and vegetables. Each month is concluded by creating the invigorating recipes provided. Pictured are our students thoroughly enjoying creating the Jack-o-lantern Hummus Peppers. It was hands down our favorite recipe! Not only are students enjoying these delicious recipes but so is the staff!!

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