Meet Yum Team Member, Wendy Cannon. She is one of our cooking instructors and works with our preschool program. Hear how she became involved with The Doctor Yum Project!

“I first saw Dr. Fernando (Dr. Yum) at an Early Childhood Education Training conference. She was one of the keynote speakers and I became an instant fan as soon as she began talking about The Doctor Yum Project. She introduced the website and told us that she was working with Melanie Potock to create a preschool curriculum. As soon as the session was over, I raced up to the podium and told her that I would love for my preschool to participate in the pilot program!

My school, Fredericksburg Cooperative Preschool, was one of the original 8 schools that piloted Doctor Yum’s Preschool Food Adventure. I joined the Yum Team as we planned how to bring the preschool curriculum to more schools. Over the next four years, the program has expanded to include over 600 students in local preschools and two classrooms in New Jersey that serves children with special needs. This curriculum is transformative for the children as they are introduced to seasonal fruits and vegetables, experience them with all five senses, learn to prepare recipes, and practice tasting new foods. It is also transformative for the families as they learn new ways to talk about food in a positive way, include the kids in planning and prepping meals, and discover that healthy food is fun!

I am such a believer in The Doctor Yum Project’s mission to transform the lives of families and communities by showing the connection between good food and good health. Each Tuesday, I am a regular volunteer my church’s open market food pantry, The Table at St. George’s. These two organizations who are so dear to my heart have worked together on projects and support each other’s work. We share the same mission, as The Table buys fresh farm produce from a local farmer to help improve the health and lives of our pantry shoppers. Doctor Yum recipes have been used in cooking classes at The Table and many of the recipes on the Doctor Yum website were taste-tested by shoppers at The Table! The mobile friendly website and Meal Maker Machine make it easy for shoppers to build a recipe based on the vegetables available at The Table each week.
My role as one of the Doctor Yum cooking instructors is another way for me to teach others what I love to do — create delicious and healthy food! Whether we are teaching a scouting group, a moms club, a Stafford Junction class, new parents, preschoolers, or teenagers — the Project Kitchen and Teaching Garden provide an amazing experience for building skills and confidence. We would love to customize a class for your group, so please contact us to schedule a time!”


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