The mission of The Doctor Yum Project is to transform the lives of families and communities by providing an understanding of the connection between food and overall health, as well as empowerment with the tools to live a healthy life.

The Doctor Yum Project (DYP) is now pleased to announce they have received a $30,000 grant from Mary Washington Healthcare Foundation.  The funds will help support the development of The “Healthy Eating and Living” (HEAL) website tool.


Addressing the high rates of both adult and childhood obesity has been recognized as a high priority for the Fredericksburg area in a recent community needs assessment. Obesity is related to a myriad of other illness and ailments, including cancer, cardiovascular health, diabetes, and senior health issues.  This is a problem in all demographics but can be particularly challenging for those who have limited access to medical care.

Obesity is problem demanding a hands-on solution which The Doctor Yum Project is creating in the form of The “Healthy Eating and Living” (HEAL) website tool. This tool will offer a solution to obesity in our community by helping families of all demographics to make the connection between nutrition and health, giving people  information and instruction to overcome barriers to cooking, and helping area physicians make nutrition a part of their plan to manage patients.  

Until now, there has not been a comprehensive and trusted organization that provides: 1) on line information on nutrition; 2) recipes to support achieving healthy weight and specific medical specialties, and 3) an in-person service for hands on cooking instruction.  The Doctor Yum Project now serves this need.

Partnerships are being created to engage local physician groups to use the HEAL website tool as an efficient way to share nutritional information with patients. The Doctor Yum Project is working with each practice to determine the unique nutritional needs of patients in their subspecialty, creating a catalogue of applicable recipes. To date our partnerships include Cardiology Associates of Fredericksburg, Yum Pediatrics, Hematology-Oncology Associates of Fredericksburg, Allergy Partners of Fredericksburg, Radiologic Associate of FredericksburgColonial Internal Medicine and Rappahannock Gastroenterology Associates, and Access Eye centers. These practices will also have the opportunity to refer patients in need of dietary counseling for hands-on cooking instruction in our Spotsylvania teaching kitchen. 

Additional relationships are being forged with community health clinics and nonprofits who reach SNAP benefit recipients and Food Pantry patrons. 

Look for these changes to our website and introduction of the HEAL website tool throughout 2016.


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