This week Wendy Cannon’s classroom at Fredericksburg Cooperative Preschool got a big surprise when Coach Mel (aka Melanie Potock, who had come all the way from Colorado) and I (Doctor Yum) popped in to join a lesson from Doctor Yum’s Preschool Food Adventure. The Kids made dinosaur kale salad, which they enjoyed with their dinosaur teeth! Mrs. Cannon set up fun sensory table with bowls of water for her students to remove pomegranate arils. We enjoyed watching kids munching on kale and eating fistfuls of pomegranates. All the different ingredients of the salad were placed in the ezpz mats, and we noticed halfway through the lessons all the tasting bites were GONE! Between food stations, Mrs. Cannon set up other activities like stamping dinosaur shapes on colorful pieces of paper. While doing the lesson we all listened to songs from Coach Mel’s CD “Dancing in the Kitchen. We had so much fun and could not be more proud of these little food explorers!!

From our participating classroom in New Jersey:

“Ms. Doherty, MEd and Mrs. Fioretti, MA CCC/SLP’s preschool class had a blast exploring peppers in October! Ms. Doherty, Special Education teacher, and Mrs. Fioretti, Speech Language Pathologist, spent the first part of the month introducing the peppers to their students so they had an opportunity to explore them using their five senses. They did activities that included painting with pepper strips, playing “Pass the Pepper”, and tactile exploration of the inside of the peppers and pulling out the seeds. They talked about how peppers look, smell, feel, sound and taste! They were pleased to see how many students quickly went to tasting and eating the pepper strips before even introducing the recipe!

The students loved having an active role in preparing the recipes. They practiced cutting skills with the dog knives. They also enjoyed putting the ingredients in the blender and pushing the button to mix them. Once the recipe was all put together, they were so excited to see the Jack O’Lantern Peppers, as Jack O’Lanterns were part of the monthly theme in the classroom and it was something they could relate to. Many of the student’s loved dipping their pepper strips into the hummus for tasting! Some student’s even asked for second’s!

This preschool class from Elms Elementary School is so excited to continue exploring a rainbow of healthy foods through our senses!”


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