10.berry.1Fredericksburg Cooperative Preschool,  4’s Class

by Teacher Wendy Cannon

Our class loved making Berry Pops in September. We learned that the vitamin C in berries helps us to Fight Germs! The cutting station was very busy as kids used our puppy knives to cut strawberries and grapes. I was excited to see so many friends using their 5 senses to experience the lesson: we smelled mint, felt the smooth spinach, saw colorful fruits, tasted ingredients from our happy mat – including chia seeds, and heard the blender mix it all up. They did a great job pouring the mixture into our popsicle molds. The best part was eating them on our next day of school!

As a teacher, I get to see the excitement my students have for our monthly Doctor Yum lesson. I also love it when the children go home and share the lesson with their parents. Here are a few emails that I received after our September lesson:

~ “Charlotte spent the evening playing school and pretending she and Maggie were going to Doctor Yum’s kitchen. She must have really loved today’s lesson!”

~ ” I think this is an important program and it needs to continue, so whatever I need to do, I will.
Christopher talked all about it today. He was so excited to cut food with a knife “carefully” and he thought the doggie knife was pretty cool (whatever that means). He told me you guys made popsicles out of strawberries, blueberries, other berries, seeds, and leaves… I have a feeling something got lost in translation on that one.”

~ “We love Doctor Yum, every time Ryland is with me grocery shopping he picks out his favorite fruits and veggies, and lord help us if pomegranate is in season 🙂  We always get a few of those.”

~ “I am excited our families will be doing this program!”

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