Posing with some of the ladies of MOPS who make Stawberry Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

This week I was pleased to attend the first gathering of “Doctor Yum Cooking Club.” The Lake of the Woods Chapter of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) agreed months ago to pilot our spring debut of “Doctor Yum’s Cooking Club”

To back track, I teach a free shopping class to help families to shop for healthy food and feed families better while saving money. Some of the moms that have attended my classed asked if we could put out a cooking assignment with some of my kid-tested recipes that they could cook with their friends on the weekends. They could then use the food they cook to feed their families during the week, and use the experience to expand their cooking experience- all while spending quality time with friends.  We have made this idea come to life-Doctor Yum’s Cooking Club! It’s a chance for friends to get together and learn to cook new healthy, family friendly, kid-tested seasonal recipes on a quarterly basis.

The kitchen smelled heavenly after they made this spring stir-fry

I met this MOPS group when they invited me to talk about feeding preschoolers months agao. When they heard about the cooking club we were planning they agreed to be our pilot group for our Spring Cooking Club debut.  Tabitha, one of the members agreed to be the point person and organizer of the cooking day. Our assignment included several entrees, a few snacks and lunch ideas. The women were all responsible for bringing part of the shopping list and they picked 5 recipes to try that day.

The women were organized into stations for cooking and chopping ingredients

When I arrived at the kitchen at the church where they cooked it smelled heavenly and sounded much like a cocktail party with laughter and conversation (and a lot of chopping and stir-frying sounds!) These ladies were having a ball and cooking some delicious food. They were organized into stations where the recipes were taking place so that they would have a chance to learn how to prepare more than one recipe. There was a LOT of sampling and “Oooh, that’s really tasty!”

"Oooh, that's tasty!"

After the cooking was over they gathered their preschoolers who had been playing in a separate room and had a tasting of the food.

Tabitha mentioned that sometimes it is intimidating to see a recipe that has many ingredients that you may not have and have to invest in.  If you don’t like the recipe then it could end up being a waste of money. However with the cooking club, these ladies ended up spending about 5 dollars each, and now have a list of recipes that they knew they would like after trying them.

What was the most satisfying part for me, is seeing the preschoolers trying and enjoying the recipes that their moms lovingly made for them!

This little one gave her mom's cooking a "Super Yum!"

Our hope is that groups like the MOPS group at Lake of the Woods will get together and enjoy cooking. It may be a church group, neighborhood girlfriends, old family friends, parents from a playgroup or a group of family members. The point is to learn to LOVE cooking and enjoy the quality of life and health it can bring.


Learn more about Doctor Yum’s Cooking Club and how you and your friends can sign up for the spring/early summer assignment. See our  growing cooking community at our new facebook page for Doctor Yum’s Cooking Club, too!

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